5 Benefits of an Internet Based Phone System

5 key benefits of using an Internet based phone system

5 key benefits of using an Internet-based phone system

The telephone has come a very long way in the past century. Just like most of the other technology we use on a daily basis, telephones have received an impressive digital upgrade.

The growth of mobile phones means that we have started looking at business phone lines very differently. Many business owners want to get the same freedom and flexibility from their business line as they do from their mobile, and new technology has made this possible.

An internet based phone system allows you to answer your calls wherever you are. This can be hugely convenient for business owners, and this option is rapidly growing in popularity.

We offer a Hosted VoIP system (that’s hosted voice over IP if you’re unfamiliar with the technical term) that is designed to be built around you.

Here are five benefits of using a hosted telephone system:

  1. It’s portable; your internet based phone system can go wherever you go
  2. This point is especially beneficial for smaller businesses and sole traders who want to be able to take their business calls with them wherever they are.

    Whether you’re out meeting with a client, working from home, at a conference or taking time out, you can answer calls from your business phone line from your laptop, tablet, home phone or mobile. Your customers won’t even know the difference.

  3. It’s scalable; it can grow alongside your business
  4. Are you a small or medium sized business that’s expecting to grow? Look no further. An internet based phone system is easily scalable without the need to invest in additional infrastructure.

  5. It’s budget friendly; cut expenditure on call costs and equipment
  6. Hosted VoIP is easy to set up and has no set up fees. It also requires less equipment, maintenance and servicing than a standard phone system.

    Even better: our hosted VoIP call bundles offer between 1000 and 5000 free minutes to UK landlines and mobiles per month.

  7. It’s customisable; hosted VoIP has the flexibility to really meet your needs
  8. Every business is different. Because of this, we understand just how important it is to find a system that truly meets your needs. We offer our customers the chance to build their own cloud based call package.

    Once you have your system set up, you’ll also find that the easy to use desktop call plat-form offers all kinds of useful tools and features.

  9. It’s secure and reliable; we’ll work behind the scenes to ensure your system works exactly as it should
  10. Worried about how reliable the system will be? Don’t. We offer a secure and reliable plat-form in partnership with Openreach and we guarantee uptime of 99.9%.

Wondering if a cloud based hosted telephone system is right for you? You can read more about what’s on offer, including the full range of tools and features, here.