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Ultraview Telecom is a business telecom solutions provider - an alternative to BT

Why We Think Independent Telecom Companies are the Future of Business Telecom Solutions

We’re not exaggerating when we say that technology has transformed the world. Digital tools have slowly become commonplace in every corner of our lives, from cooking and shopping to how we exercise, travel, plan and communicate.

Twenty years ago, mobile phones were an oddity. Today 94% of adults in the UK have a mobile, and 76% have a smartphone. This marks a very significant shift in the way we communicate, both in personal and professional spheres.

Now that there are so many more digital opportunities for communication, most of us need more support than ever before from our telecoms provider. Broadband connections, phone lines, cloud-based services and data packages all play a big part in business telecom solutions.

Who can you turn to for support with business telecom solutions?

In the past, most of us have signed up to big name telecom companies to provide these services for us. Indeed, for a long while it felt as if this was the only option.

Luckily, there is now a new way! Many personal and business customers are searching for an alternative to BT and the other big name telecom companies.

This is where independent companies like us come in. We endeavour to provide effective business telecom solutions that are designed to meet the needs of our customers, not the other way round.

Why should you consider an independent alternative to BT?

In recent years we believe there’s been a slow shift away from big faceless companies, back towards friendlier ones.

Thinking about making the shift with us? Here’s why we believe independent telecoms companies are the future:

  • We offer a wide range of telecoms services and products, all of which are every bit as good as what the big names offer. (Some would even say they’re better… but we don’t want to blow our own trumpet phone line).
  • We are dedicated to providing good old-fashioned customer service, one real person to another.
  • We consider every customer as an individual and are able to design telecom solutions that work for you, not just for us.
  • We don’t set out to tie you into long contracts: we want you to continue to use our services because they’re working for you, not because you’re forced to.
  • Our charges are comparable to (or less than!) what the big names are charging, so this really is a win/win.

Want to find out more about what an independent telecoms company like us could offer you? Take a look at our business broadband offerings to get started.