Hosted VoIP, your managed cloud-based phone system

Hosted voice over IP is a telephone system in the cloud. You manage its functionalities via a web-based portal. We deal with the technical stuff.

You can make and receive calls using your handset, any other phone, or Office UC app. All using your commercial number for business continuity when away from your office.

It’s a long-term solution that adapts to your needs. And it’s only a fraction of the cost of traditional phone systems!

Cloud-based PBX pricing

1 User
per month
1000 minutes of free calls to UK landlines 1 and mobiles 2
Premium rate numbers are blocked as standard
Mobile app and desktop version included
Best for self-employed, sole trader or start-up
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Build your own solution
from £10.00
per month
Call bundles between 1000 to 5000 minutes of free calls to UK landlines 1 and mobiles 2
A variety of business voIP handsets
Premium rate numbers are blocked as standard
Mobile app and desktop version included
Best for small and medium-sized businesses
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Hosted VoIP Advantages: best price, handset, call bundle, quality of service, portal and business solution

Benefits of hosted VoIP


Alter the number of users as your business develops. No need to change your PBX or add extra hardware!

Complete PBX functionality without the hardware

You’ll have access to all the features of a traditional phone system and more. Through your online portal, you can tailor these features according to your needs.

Reduce expenditure

There is no need for expensive on-site equipment, maintenance, servicing or upgrades. You save money on set-up and maintenance!

Eradicate call costs

Choose the call package that suits your needs.


You may use a single number for all devices, so you can take calls on your desk phone, mobile, tablet or PC. You may work wherever you are without ever missing a call!

Work better with colleagues

Our solution offers desktop sharing, instant messenger and conferencing tools.You and your team can communicate fast and easy, and also respond to customers in a more efficient way.


There is a guaranteed 99.9% uptime backed by our SLA. It’s a reliable and robust platform in partnership with Openreach.


The system comes with a built-in business continuity and disaster recovery. You don’t need to worry, we’ll look after everything!

Features you can set up and manage

Advanced hunt groups

Hunt group is a group of users that you treat as 1 extension to manage inbound calls.The system will ring the client stations in the hunt group at the same time or in sequence.

Automatic call back

Automatic call back lets you to place a call back to a user, in the same group, that was on another call when you called.

Call barge-in exempt

Call barge-in exempt allows you to stop other users from baring in on an active call.

Call notification

Call notify lets you define criteria and rules to track incoming calls. You will also specify an email address that will receive the details relating to the call. The system won’t send the content of the call, but incoming number, duration, etc.

Call pickup barge-in

Call pickup barge in lets you pick up a call or barge into a call to another user.

Call waiting

Call waiting gives you the chance to answer another incoming call while already in one.

Do not disturb

Do not disturb allows you to send your calls to your voice messaging box without ringing your phone.

Hot desking host

Hot desking host allows a phone device to become a Host to another user’s phone number. You can then log onto this existing phone, with your own credentials, and receive and make calls.

Phone book

The phone book allows you to combine company numbers with your personal ones.

Selective call acceptance

Selective call acceptance allows you to receive only calls that meet your criteria. It’s useful when you are in a meeting, for example, but can’t miss some specific calls.

Shared call appearance

Shared call appearance allows users to share their line number (CLI) over up to 5 devices. For example, a Personal Assistant needs to take calls for many Executives. Each Executive will share their CLI on the Personal Assistant’s device. The Personal Assistant will identify each line on his or her handset.

Speed dial 8

Speed dial 8 allows you to dial another phone number by dialling a single digit between 2 and 9.

Video calling

Video calling is available on a limited range of devices. It allows video calls on desktop phones, tablets, mobiles, PCs and laptops.

Alternative numbers

You can assign up to 10 alternative numbers to use with your phone line or extension. Ideal when you have different numbers for your business, for example, locksmith.

Automatic hold and retrieve

Hold and retrieve incoming calls by transferring them to dedicated parking stations. It’s beneficial for users who manage a large volume of incoming calls.

Call director

Call director is a fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) solution. It lets you to make and receive calls using one number on any device and move calls between devices.

This allows you to define 1 or more phone numbers, for example, a mobile phone to use as extensions. You can make call from any of these numbers and present your business number. You can also move calls from one of these numbers to any other Call Director number.

Call on hold

Call on hold allows you to put an existing call on hold. You can resume, transfer, or end the call, make another call, or add another person to it.

Call pickup group

Call pickup group allows users to answer any ringing call within their call pickup group. It’s useful when it doesn’t matter who picks up a call, for example, customer service department.

Calling line ID blocking

This allows you to hide your number when making a call. You can set it up as a permanent feature or you can block the delivery of your call ID per call.

External calling line ID

This feature allows you to view the incoming caller ID information for an external call.

Internal calling line ID

This feature allows you to view the caller ID information for a call coming from inside your company.

Push to talk

Push to talk allows you to set up an intercom functionality between you and your co-workers. If you speak very often to some user(s), you can take advantage of this feature.

Selective call rejection

Selective call rejection allows you to reject calls that meet your pre-defined criteria.

Simultaneous ring

Simultaneous ring allows you to list up 10 phone numbers that will ring at the same time when you receive a call.

Three-way calling

Three-way calling lets you set up a call with 3 parties, including you, where all parties can talk to each other.


Voice messaging with voicemail to email.

Anonymous call rejection

Anonymous call rejection enables you to reject calls from hidden numbers. The system informs the caller that you don’t accept calls from restricted callers.

Basic call logs

Basic call logs provide users with call logs for received, missed, and placed calls. It’s accessible from the portal, phones and applications.

Call forwarding

Call forwarding lets you redirect all incoming calls for a user to another phone number. You can set it up to always forward the calls, or if the line is busy, or if there is no answer. As an admin, you can restrict call forwarding to minimise fraud exposure.

Call parking

Call parking allows you to put a call on hold at one phone and continue the conversation from any other one. It’s helpful when you want to transfer the call to a user who is already on the phone.

Call return

Call return allows you to call back answered and unanswered calls.

Distinctive and priority ringing

This allows you to make your phone ring with a different ring tone.This is helpful if you want to know when a specific person calls, such as your manager or spouse. It is also used to tell when a call is from inside or outside your group.

Hot desking guest

Hot desking guest allows you to log onto another user’s phone to make calls presenting your own number.

Office UC

An app that you can use on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. to make and receive calls.

Remote office

Remote office allows you to define a phone number – mobile or landline- to make and receive calls. Outgoing calls will present your business number, not the device one. It’s useful when you are away from your office.

Sequential ring

Sequential ring allows you to add up to 5 phone numbers that will ring in sequence when you receive a call.

Speed dial 100

Speed dial 100 allows you to dial another telephone number by dialling a code and two digits. You can assign between 00 and 99 speed dial code to store most called numbers.

User intercept

User intercept allows you to provide callers with options when a number is out of service. It’s useful when an employee leaves your company and you don’t want to lose the calls to ones number.

Hosted PBX requirements

Generally, you can still use your existing number with our hosted solution. All we need to do is to port, transfer, it to our cloud-based platform.

No need for a telephone number

It doesn’t matter where you’re based, you can set up a local presence anywhere. All it takes is a ‘virtual’ geographic phone number, which we’ll provide for you.

Compatible Handset or Office UC App

You may use a compatible VoIP handset and/or the Office UC app.

Reliable broadband connection

You will need a reliable voice quality IP connection. If your company has many sites, we can use our VPNs (Virtual Private Networks). This will allow us to have full control over the quality of the services we provide.

How to migrate to our hosted VoIP solution

The migration is easy and quick if you are not stuck in a contract with your currently supplier.

We will need to port your existing number(s) to our platform. This costs £10 for single line and £50 for multi-line.

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1 UK Landlines: starting with 01, 02 or 03; with a maximum of 10% of the total minutes to 0300 numbers.

2 UK Mobiles: O2 – FM1; EE, T-Mobile, and Virgin – FM3; Orange – FM4; Vodafone – FM5; and Three – FM6.