ZyAssure 4 Years extended Warranty

£40.00 (exc. VAT)

  • Enhanced Warranty Service
  • Advanced-Replacement of faulty unit for 4 years
  • Next working day of replacement unit for 4 years
  • Available for Zyxel GS1900, GS1920, GS2210, MES3500, MGS3520, MGS3700, XGS3600, XS1920, XS3700, XS3900 Switches
  • Most Zyxel Switches have limited lifetime warranty*, this is to upgrades time it take to replacement switch.
  • See here for more information

*Limited Lifetime warranty is defined as the Lifetime of the product from when the product is launched and first supplied to customers in the EU Region until the product End of Life (EOL) announcement is made upon the local ZyXEL Website. The Business products will then be supported for a further 5 years after the EOL announcement is made by the EU ZyXEL Service Centre

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